'WOW! Is this digital?'

FACT: 99% of the people that see our work can't believe it's digitally printed.

'Thank you so much
for your help'

Whether you're a designer, account manager or business owner, we'll help you get it right.

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If it doesn't look right to us, the only button we press is your number.

Small Format Solutions

Stick our HP Indigo digital print under the noses of most people and they'll find it hard, if not impossible to tell if it's litho or digital. That's because we use HP CMYK LIQUID inks, not toner, resulting in bright punchy colours, especially on uncoated. What's more, we print white and raised varnish effects.


Multi–Image Personalisation

Our machine is a nifty bit of kit and can personalise every single sheet a paper it prints with graphics, images, text and colour. Take for example the personalised salary reports we produced for DHL. Each brochure was uniquely personalised with pie charts, colour, salary bonus, images, text and colour. Call us for more information.


Finishes For Added Value

Die-Cutting, Embossing, Foiling, Duplexing, Case Binding, Perfect Binding, Thread Sewing, Spiral & Wiro-Binding, Pillar & Interscrew Binding, Laminating, Tab cutting, Eye-letting, Stringing.


Large Format Solutions

Large store and huge event installations, we leave to the big boys. What we do is specialise in your low run campaigns, the one-offs and the unusual. Such as the Puma Tricks packaging we produced for the World Cup, the tablecloths we printed for a top London Ad agency and the Spiderman image we printed to a door. Of course, Pull Up Banners, Pop-Up Systems, Exhibition Panels and Vinyls are all part of the norm.


Print On Anything

We can print onto virtually anything – Wood, Glass, Metal, Acrylic, Leather, Fabric, Stone, Doors, Corrugated, Polyprop and more.
• Carton Box Overprinting • Window Display Prototypes • Tablet, Phone Case & USB Branding • Market Research Dummy Packaging


Techno Blurb

HP Indigo 7500 - Small Format
7 Colours Indichrome.
Rosette Screen
Max Sheet Size: SRA3+
Max Sheet Thickness: 400gsm/480MIC

Arizona 460GT - Large Format
Non-Fade, Anti-Scratch Inks
1400 DPI Inkjet
Rigid Media Max Size: 1.25 x 2.5M
Roll Media Max Size: 2.2 x 50M


'Amazing. No one has
ever suggested that before'

Have an idea? Impress your client with fully printed dummy.

  • Our Reliability
    Trusted for over 20yrs

    Our Reliability
    Trusted for over 20yrs

    We like to keep things simple and stress free. We've worked this way since 1995 and are one of the longest established HPIndigo digital printers in the UK. We love what we do and we think it shows. After all, we wouldn't still be in business if we weren't doing something right. We are based in Weybridge, dedicated in building the best service for our customers.
    Our Mission
    Our mission is to help and guide in every way we can, working together for a stress and hassle free life.

  • Your Creativity
    Our Solutions

    Your Creativity
    Our Solutions

    We don't expect you to know everything about print and to be honest, it can be a bit of a minefield.
    For a start, there's a multitude of papers and substrates to choose from, colour management and your client expectations.
    So if you're in any doubt as to what papers and weights to use, lean on us for scatter proofs, dummies and test prints. Then you'll know for sure.

  • Our Attention
    Your Safeguard

    Our Attention
    Your Safeguard

    We don't like to take chances.
    So, even after you've signed off your file, we print a test sheet. If they're any issues, we get in touch straight away.
    Why do we do this? Simples, it speeds up our production by bypassing the need for a reprint. And secondly, it safeguards you from any embarrassing calls, a reprint or a late delivery.
    We like it this way and it seems to be pretty popular with our customers too.

Digital Foiling. The quick & cost saving solution for low runs. Call Us Now 01932 339 030

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Small Format Solutions
HPIndigo 7500

Text, Image, Graphics & Colour

For Added Value

Large FormatSolutions
Print Onto Anything

Print On Anything
Materials & Substrates

Techno Blurb
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